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1. Ownership

22-400 Zamość

ul. Wyszyńskiego 85/28



Bedsy has an ownership of all intelectual property of website and holds the rights to show each element of the website. All the contains found at is copyrighted the unauthorised reproduction or distribution or sharing of any contents with the third party from Bedsy website is prohibited.

2. Products

Bedsy offers its unique Polish products as functional furniture developed by its designers.

Each of Bedsy products is shown and described in detail. Bedsy reserves the right to display products as it sees fit. Every item of furniture is individually created  for each order and  Bedsy reserves the right to introduce small into certain products. Due to this each individual order may differ slightly without changing the overall character of the product.  Both hardwood plywood and softwood plywood used for making the furniture is a natural product. Hence the colour or pigmentation may slightly differ in certain elements.

The buyer is responsible for assembling the furniture according to the instructions. The instructions are included in the package.

3. Prices

All the prices have the VAT included, according to the Polish trade law.

The prices that can be seen on the Polish language version of website are shown in Polish zloty (zł) currency. The English version of the website  includes  prices in euro currency.

All prices of the products that are shown on our website do not cover delivery costs. These are calculated during  the purchase. All the costs will be calculated and added to the quote.

Under the Polish Law, Bedsy reserves the right to adjust prices. Bespoke orders are quoted individually.  The terms of deals, sale or marketing events are included at the time of the promotion. All the information concerning pricing are presented in a detailed way.

4. Online Service agreement (Online sales)

a) Online service agreement is in force once the customer decides to use our online shop. To start using the online shop it is necessary to complete the order form which shows up after adding a product to the online basket. Adding the items to the basket is

done by choosing the product that you would like to purchase, clicking the amount, and then clicking ‘add to the basket’.

If you would like to add different types of product then please  click ‘continue shopping’ and continue as it is described  in ad-notation ‘a)’

b) You can check the basket contents  and the total price  by clicking ‘Basket’ visible on our shop’s page.

c) To be able to use the online shop, it is necessary to set up an account by registration form. To register,  please follow the instructions included in the form. Certain parts of the form are marked as compulsory, however we encourage customers to complete all parts of the form.

d) To complete the registration form it is compulsory to confirm reading the terms  and conditions, accept the terms and conditions, accept cookies policy and allowing your personal data being processed (or not processed),

e) Customer is required to use their account lawfully, following the terms and conditions and act respectfully towards other customers and the company. It is the  customer who is obliged to use it  in a way  that doesn’t disrupt the way our online shop is working ( i.e by using the right equipment and programs , by not sending and passing on or sharing contents  that are illegal or trying to receive a data that is not accessible to the customers or third parties ( i.e  using it to send spam emails or passing the account to third party).

f) For customers, who have not registered with us and would like to use our online shop for a single purchase or order,

this type of service agreement is completed once the order is fulfilled. To add once the order is fulfilled they will not be able to access  the data . A  service agreement  has no time limit in the case , where customer is registered with us and has an account with us.

g) There’s no fees or additional costs for the online service.

h) The rules concerning termination of the agreement are described later in the terms and conditions.

5. Service provision agreement. 

a) Service provision agreement comes into force after submitting a filled order form.

b) To submit the order form, you need to click ‘send the order’ and then once the order form is shown, then you have to

fill the all the necessary fields : name, surname, address , telephone number ( compulsory fields marked*). Once the form is filled, then please click ‘next’ ( at this point it is necessary to accept terms and conditions )

c) In case of the materials, it is needed to specify preference to create the individual order.

d) It is required to choose delivery option and payment method.

e) Placing the order comes into force after clicking ‘Pay and confirm’ . The price is displayed next to the bar. The customer is responsible for making the full payment and also is responsible for making additional payment ( i.e import tax -rates depend on the country) that are not included and are not Bedsy’s responsibility.

f) After placing your order, you will automatically receive an order confirmation email to the address that was provided by the customer at the registration form.

In case to bespoke orders – we do not accept any cancellations once the production process of the individual  has started.

g) All the orders that will be delivered to European destinations (outside Poland) need to be fully paid in Euro currency.

6. Payment methods     

a) The customer is obliged to pay the full price that is shown in the ‘price’ bar, which is located next to the ‘order’ bar, once agreeing to our services and making the order.

b) There’s four payment methods:

         – payment on receipt of the order

         – cash payment at the collection point

         – payment via

         – payment via bank transfer :   


          Polish transactions (Złoty currency) : 14 1140 2004 0000 3502 7533 4172

          International transactions (Euro currency) : 14 1140 2004 0000 3502 7533 4172


c) Payment made via is done by internet service offered and owned by Payu joint-stock company which is located at Grunwaldska street no 183, 60-166 Poznań. Payu is a company registered at the House of Companies run by Poznań District Court Economy  Sector VIII under the KRS000027. NIP ERGON , with a share capital of  4.944.00000 PLN.

d) Lack of payment  for the order within 3 days since receiving the confirmation email may result in Bedsy terminating the agreement and cancelling the order. In a case of cancellation , customer will receive notice via email.

7. Delivery.     

a) All the orders are completed , packed  and send within  four weeks from the date of the order. In unusual cases where completing a bespoke order, we reserve the right to extend this duration to 6 weeks. Information about any delays will be send to the customer immediately via email.

b) It is customer’s responsibility to provide an accurate delivery address  to avoid any problems with delivery.

c) International deliveries are available. The quotes will differ depending on the destination. If you would like to place an order that will inquire international delivery then please contact our team via The delivery prices will be send the customer before placing an order.

d) Bedsy’s part of the delivery commitment is completed once the order is collected byt the courier.

8. Damages during the delivery.

We insure that our products  are well packed. However as there’s always a slight chance of damages happening during delivery. All the Bedsy parcels are insured against being lost or damaged. In case of  any damage, the customer is required to report it within 24 hours of receiving the delivery (via All the claims require original packaging and following photos of:

  • the damaged box
  • the open box which clearly shows contents
  • the whole product
  • close up view of the damage

9. Claim and Refund.

a) Bedsy offers high quality Polish products. Before sending the products to our customers, we carefully check all the parts to make sure there is no faults or missing elements. If the parcel arrives damaged or if the product has a manufacturing defect , then please contact us as soon as possible (within 24 hours) via We will make every effort to help and solve the problem concerning our products.

b) If our product does not fit  or it is not what you’re looking for, then it’s ok . We have a 14 (working) day refund policy ( starting on the day of receiving your product). To make the claim , customer needs to contact us via We do reserve the right to refuse to except the return of the product , if the clam is made after 14 days or later. All the products have to be returned in its original packaging. The state of the product has to be the same as when it was purchased and the product was not used or damaged. Bedsy will not accept the return of the items if they were used or damaged by the customer.                                                  

c) Bedsy is committed to refund the money within 30 days of receiving the returned product. The delivery costs are non -refundable. Bedsy does not take the responsibility for refunding items that were lost or stolen outside the delivery.

10. Personal Data Policy.    

a) The administrator of the personal data collected by the online sales is controlled by Bedsy.   

b) All the customer data is collected by the administrator via our online shop – only to process the sale, payment and the delivery.

c) The customer has the right to access their own personal data, to add or to adjust it. If the customer wants to be removed from our database, then we kindly ask to inquire it via

d) Providing the personal data is voluntary, however providing false data that is needed for the sale , deliveries and returns is a breech of contract and may result in cancelling the sale or return. All the data that is needed for processing the sale will be required at every online sale (before the purchase). e) All the customer’s personal details are protected by the seller accordingly to Polish law (dated 28th of August 1997) concerning the Personal Data Law (Dz. U. 1997 nr 133 poz. 883 ze zm.). No details are being passed on, shared or given to any third parties or institutions that are not entitled to the data access or inquired for completion of the order.